Video Share VoD

Video Share VoD

Video Share / Video On Demand (VOD) is a free open source WordPress based solution / script for sharing on demand video. Includes a plethora of features like AJAX multi uploader, mobile video upload and playback, HTML5 / RTMP / HLS player, integration for Live Streaming channels with broadcast video archives, VOD membership and paid playlists support, VAST & Google IMA support for video ads.

It’s easy to theme, extend and customise using WordPress extensions.



  • HTML5 playback support
  • RTMP playback support
  • HLS playback support
  • import and show archived video streams for VideoWhisper Live Streaming channels plugin
  • AJAX display and update of video list
  • shortcodes for listing videos, displaying player, upload form
  • HTML5 Drag & Drop AJAX multi video uploader
  • mobile video upload (iOS6+, Android 3+)
  • Video On Demand (VOD) support
  • VAST (including pre-roll video ads) HTML5 support
  • HTML5 Google IMA support:
    DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP),
    Google AdSense network (GAN):
    AdSense for Video (AFV) ads


  • free and open source
  • mobile ready:
    html5 video conversion
    responsive interface
  • easy automated install as WP plugin
  • easy to theme with WP templates
  • easy translation with POT file localization
  • automatic updates


Subscription video on demand (SVOD) includes services such as Netflix that require users to pay a monthly fee to access a bundled set of content.

VideoShareVOD supports setting up membership access:

  • global video access by membership
  • playlists by role (playlists accessible to certain groups)
  • exceptions

This solution allows configuring a global video watch list, a list of Roles, user Emails, user IDs permitted to watch videos.

Additionally, each video can be assigned to multiple Role Playlists, meaning lists of videos that can only be watched by certain user role.
This means video access can easily be assigned by membership.

Exceptions playlists are also available for quick access control: free, registered, unpublished .

When user tries to watch a video and does not have required privileges, a custom message shows up and preview snapshot is displayed instead.




Broadcast live video channels on website, from webcam or other sources. Chat live with viewers. Archive broadcasts as videos. Trial available.

Record video from webcam or other computer devices directly on website. Trial available.