Digital Content Asset Management

Digital Content Asset Management

With MicroPayments plugin by VideoWhisper, site users can manage their digital content including posts, pages, custom posts (videos, pictures, document uploads, rooms) as configured from backend.

Payment options include setting up donations, donation goals, crowdfunding and access price to enable access as WooCommerce product purchases.

Providers can upload videos, pictures, documents (managed with VideoWhisper plugins), in addition to managing access and payment options for content of other plugins.

Paid Content

MicroPayments can handle selling paid content using 1 of these options:

  • internal MicroPayments hander:
    • restricts access until purchase & shows buy button
    • transfers tokens between buyer and seller using active wallet
    • supports limited access duration
  • MyCred Sell Content addon
    • fills the price meta and MyCred does the rest
    • vendor gets credited based on MyCred setup
    • supports access duration
  • WooCommerce product
    • clients purchases WooCommerce product to access content
    • does not credit seller unless implementing specific multi vendor functionality
    • does not support duration

Content (custom posts) configured with price, can be sold with the WooCommerce integration as products and clients have to purchase the associated product to get access to that content.

There is also a Content page that lists all content and My Content page that lists content purchased by a client.
These sections are implemented using shortcodes for easy integration into other pages, dashboards of other plugins.

Content can also be assigned to author subscription tiers and clients get access by subscribing to creator.