Fans Paysite – Online Monetization Business

Fans Paysite – Online Monetization Business

FansPaysite enables multiple monetization options for authors: subscription tiers, selling content, donations/crowdfunding, pay per minute calls or live streaming.


  • Authors can setup multiple subscription tiers (limited by webmaster settings), with custom label, description, duration (monthly, yearly, one time payment)
  • Authors can assign their content to subscription tiers
  • Clients can subscribe to author subscriptions, for access to their content
  • Optionally, each item accessible by subscription can also be provided for a price per item, for users that don’t want to subscribe
  • BuddyPress/BuddyBoss activity updates when users subscribe to authors

With PaidVideochat, authors can setup webcam rooms to provide free or pay per minute live services:

  • live streaming, 1 way, can be used for pre-sales to take paid private calls
  • private video calls 2 way, on request or previously setup
  • video conferencing with multiple broadcasters
  • video collaboration with file sharing and media presentation


  • enable donations for any content page
  • configure donation goals and/or crowdfunding
  • goals show progress bar and goal details on content page
  • crowfunding shows funders and their contributions including percents
  • donation button with wallet
  • donation dialog with customizable slider, AJAX (user does not leave content page to make donation)

During live streaming, more advanced donations goals are available in HTML5 Videochat web application. Performer can setup custom progressive goals that start after a previous completes and independent goals accessible from a Goals panel.