Live Video 24/7 Channels

Live Video 24/7 Channels

To build a site like RealLifeCam, Voyeur-Villa, LaMaisonDuSexe, WatchMe247  you can use the BroadcastLiveVideo solution that provides these features:livon-channels

  • broadcast multiple IP camera channels 24/7
  • broadcast occasional shows from webcam and chat with viewers
  • setup both free and paid channels (by membership or pay per channel)
  • list channels, organised by category
  • viewers can discuss in text chat and send tips
  • archive and publish previous broadcast videos selectively

For such project you can’t use plain ppv videochat scripts because these work only with webcams (connected to performer’s computer) and require performer interaction on paid shows. You need a special solution that works with IP cameras, broadcasting 24/7 without performer presence and interaction from computer.

Main Solution Features

  • Broadcast Live Video
    • IP camera 24/7 streams
    • scheduled video playlist (fake camera stream)
    • webcam from site (web based with broadcaster chat)
    • desktop encoders
    • mobile apps
  • AJAX Channel List
  • Watch Live Video
  • Tips to broadcaster
  • HLS playback support (mobile)
  • Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Channel Management
    • category, description, logo
    • toggle comments
    • channel access price
    • channel access list
  • Broadcast Archives
    • channel video archive playlist
    • import past broadcasts to channel playlist
    • upload new videos to channel playlist
  • Easy to design and extend with WP Themes and Plugins


Project Requirements