MicroPayments WordPress Plugin is a free plugin to monetize content with site wallets and micro-transactions for paid subscriptions to authors or site, paid content, donations, crowdfunding, membership.

Integrates with WooCommerce for billing (token package products) and access to site content (pages, posts, custom posts like downloads) after product purchase. Also supports other wallets plugins: TeraWallet, MyCred.

Integrates with turnkey site solutions provided by VideoWhisper (PaidVideochat, BroadcastLiveVideo, VideoShareVOD , Picture Gallery) for managing advanced content types (videochat rooms, live streams, videos, pictures).

Integrates with BuddyPress / BuddyBoss social features, including activity updates on content/subscriptions/donations and profile tabs for content and subscription packages.

MicroPayments plugin is free to use, developed & maintained by VideoWhisper.
Can be used to build an advanced online business: FansPaysite Turnkey Monetization Platform.
VideoWhisper clients (that have a full mode license and/or active hosting) also have permission to remove developer notices, attribution because their services also fund development of this plugin. Ask How

Enables various micro-transactions on a WordPress site, based on credits/tokens site wallets:


  • Wallet Tokens/Credits: Support for MyCred, TeraWallet (for WooCommerce) plugins as currency.
    These tokens can be purchased using multiple payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Skrill (Moneybookers) NETbilling, CCBill , BitPay (bitcoin) or earned with site activities, depending on setup.
  • Custom token packages as WooCommerce products. When buying the product, user gets the custom amount of tokens. This enables custom exchange ratios, volume discounts, other offers.
  • Control access to content (including pages, posts, customizable post types) by membership/role.
  • Content management: sell access to posts as digital products.
  • Sell Membership: Users can obtain roles (membership) by purchase or subscription.
  • Sell Content: Provides an edit content page in frontend for users to be able to sell individual post items (integrates automatically with VideoShareVOD videos, Picture Gallery pictures, PaidVideochat webcam rooms).
  • WooCommerce content product: setup WC products that need to be purchased for access to post contents
  • BuddyPress activity updates for new products
  • My Content purchase list shortcode and page, showing all purchased products; products include button to access content
  • Multi wallet support (MyCred + TeraWallet WooCommerce)
  • Wallet user page with shortcode [videowhisper_my_wallet]
  • Membership upgrade page with shortcode [videowhisper_membership_buy]
  • Downloads management: Digital media downloads
  • Donations button with slider, AJAX


  • Authors can setup multiple subscription tiers (limited by webmaster settings), with custom label, description, duration (monthly, yearly, one time payment)
  • Authors can assign their content to subscription tiers
  • Clients can subscribe to author subscriptions, for access to their content
  • Optionally, each item accessible by subscription can also be provided for a price per item, for users that don’t want to subscribe
  • BuddyPress/BuddyBoss activity updates when users subscribe to authors


  • enable donations for any content page
  • configure donation goals and/or crowdfunding
  • goals show progress bar and goal details on content page
  • crowfunding shows funders and their contributions including percents
  • donation button with wallet
  • donation dialog with customizable slider, AJAX (user does not leave content page to make donation)


  • Content page aggregates the digital content (post types) available for sale.
  • Content types is configurable from MicroPayments settings, as custom posts types available for sale: videos, pictures, downloads, webcam rooms.
  • My Assets page enables providers to manage their content and set prices.
  • My Content page enables clients to access content they previously purchases.
  • Content (custom posts) configured with price, can be sold with the WooCommerce integration as products and clients have to purchase the associated product to get access to that content.


  • Enable file uploads from backend and frontend (with publisher access list)
  • Restrict access by membership roles
  • Sell downloads per item (as WooCommerce products or MyCred Sell Content addon)
  • Restrict allowed extensions (server side)
  • Obfuscated file name on server to prevent naming exploits


  • Paid VideoChat – Pay Per View Videochat site solution: paid broadcasts, conferences, calls, questions.
  • Broadcast Live Video – Broadcast Live Video Channels site solution.
  • Video Share VOD – Video Share / Video On Demand site solution.
  • Picture Gallery – Picture Gallery – Frontend Image Uploads, AJAX Photo List.


  • less transaction fees (clients fund their account once for multiple purchases)
  • cost control (clients can have added peace of mind and sensation of control for the fixed amount they pay),
  • payment in advance (clients prepay for future services) ,
  • increased sales (once the have the tokens they will put them to use faster than real money)