Fans Paysite – 在線貨幣化業務

Fans Paysite – 在線貨幣化業務

FansPaysite enables multiple monetization options for authors: 訂閱層, 銷售內容, donations/crowdfunding, 按分鐘付費或直播.


  • 作者可以設置多個訂閱層 (受網站站長設置的限制), 帶有自定義標籤, 描述, 期間 (monthly, yearly, 一次性付款)
  • 作者可以將其內容分配到訂閱層
  • 客戶可以訂閱作者訂閱, 訪問其內容
  • (可選), 訂閱可訪問的每個專案也可以提供每個項目的價格, 對於不想訂閱的使用者
  • 當使用者訂閱作者時,巴迪新聞/巴迪博斯活動更新

有付費視頻聊天, authors can setup webcam rooms to provide free or pay per minute live services:

  • 即時流式傳輸, 1 辦法, 可用於預售,以接聽付費私人電話
  • 私人視頻通話 2 辦法, 應要求或先前設置
  • 與多個廣播公司的視頻會議
  • 與文件共用和媒體演示的視頻協作


  • enable donations for any content page
  • configure donation goals and/or crowdfunding
  • goals show progress bar and goal details on content page
  • crowfunding shows funders and their contributions including percents
  • donation button with wallet
  • donation dialog with customizable slider, AJAX (user does not leave content page to make donation)

During live streaming, more advanced donations goals are available in HTML5 視頻聊天 web application. Performer can setup custom progressive goals that start after a previous completes and independent goals accessible from a Goals panel.